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In addition to commercial window cleaning and residential window cleaning, we offer the following additional services to keep your home or business spotless!

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Power Washing

Power washing throughout the Phoenix area for your home or business. Driveways, Patios, Outdoor Stairs and More. Learn More

Window Tracks & Frames

We take pride in full detailing of these areas so they look brand new!

Window/Bug Screen Cleaning

We use soap and water to clean both sides of your screens, then hose them down to rinse and towel or air dry thoroughly.

Post Construction Cleaning

The ultimate detailing of glass throughout your property including removal of hard water stains, paint, fog and residue.

Dumpster Cleaning

We use our power washer to clean and freshen your trash and recycling bins.

Ceiling Fans

We thoroughly dust the top and bottom side, then use a damp rag to clean and a dry rag to dry each blade.


We treat mirrors throughout your home or business just like your windows, leaving them sparkling clean!


We clean and shine all glass and metal surfaces inside and out, leaving your chandeliers sparkling.

Shower Doors

We clean and shine your shower door glass in addition to removing hard water stains.

Sun Screen Cleaning

Sun Screen Cleaning, Installation & Repair

We brush and wet mop your sun screens with soap and water on both sides, hose to rinse and towel or air dry thorough for each screen. Don't have sun screens, need new ones or repairs? Our sun screen services include repairing your existing sun screens or upgrading your home with brand new ones! The best way to protect your home from Arizona’s summer sun is to put sun screens on all of your windows.

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